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Tackling Inequalities in Health: An Agenda for Action 
Series: King's Fund Publishing, London, 1995 
Call No: 9958 
Tackling Inequalities in Health: Extracts from the Summary 
Series: Chapter taken from "Debates and Dilemmas in Promoting Health" edited by M. Sidell, L. Jones, J. Katz & A. Peberdy, Macmillan, Basingstoke, 1997, pp. 16-23 (no. 7635) 
Call No: 8530 
Tackling Racism in the NHS: We Need Action not Words 
Series: Bibliography|British Medical Journal, vol. 314, March 1997, pp. 618-619 
Call No: 5136 
Tackling the Language Barriers in Cross-Cultural Training 
Series: Bibliography|Paper found in "National Conference: Professional Cross-Cultural Staff Development Inside and Outside Universities" edited by C. Hendrick, National Centre for Cross-Cultural Curriculum and Staff Development, Flinders University 
Call No: 9504 
Tailoring Evidence-Based Interventions for New Populations: A Method for Program Adaptation Through Community Engagement 
Series: Evaluation & the Health Professions, published online 19 April 2012 
Call No: 13264 
Tailoring immunisation service delivery in a disadvantaged community in Australia: Views of Health Providers and Parents 
Series: Vaccine. Available online 6 April 2018. 8 Pages. 
Call No: 13890 
Take Action - The Plight of Mandatory Detention for Refugees in Australia 
Series: The Human Rights Defender, Amnesty International, vol. 20 no. 4, August-September, 2001, p. 6 
Call No: 10653 
Taking a Break From Responsibility for Meeting the Child's Needs 
Series: Chapter found in 'Supporting Families with a Child with a Disability', Paul H. Brookes Pub., 1991, pp. 155-163|This chapter looks at the provision for respite for families and carers in Australia, Canada, Japan, Sweden, UK, USA 
Call No: 2853 
Taking a Chance: From Overseas to Underground Ethnic Young People in a Remote Mining Town 
Series: Chapter found in "Ethnic Minority Youth in Australia", edited by Carmel Guerra & Rob White, National Clearing House for Youth Studies, Hobart, Tasmania, 1995 (recno 9806) 
Call No: 10077 
Taking Action: Human Rights and Refugee Issues Teaching Resource 
Year: 2005 
Call No: 12276