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The Sharing Stories Model of Diabetes Self Management Education for Minority Ethnic Groups: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial 
Year: 2007 
Call No: OD 673 
The Role of Transnational Networksand Mobile Citizens in South Sudan's Global Community: A Pilot Study Focused on Melbourne and Juba 
Series: Rift Valley Institute. March 2018. 25 pages. 
Call No: OD 1252 
The Role and Relationship of Cultural Competence and Patient-Centeredness in Health Care Quality 
Year: 2006 
Call No: OD 360 
The Needs of International Students in the City of Melbourne 
Year: 2007 
Call No: OD 569 
The Interpreter Is Not and Invisible Being: A Thematic Analysis of the Impact of Interpreters in Mental Health Service Provision 
Call No: OD 1170 
The Impact of Gaming on Specific Cultural Groups: Project Report 
Year: 2000 
Call No: OD 300 
The Impact of Gambling and Problem Gambling on Asian Families and Communities in New Zealand: Final Report 
Year: 2012 
Call No: OD 930 
The Impact of a Long Asylum Procedure on Quality of Life, Disability and Physical Health in Iraqi Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands 
Series: Soc Psychiatry Epidomiol (2008), 43, pp. 507-515 
Call No: OD 906 
The Hepatitis B Story: An Educational Tool in Plain English 
Year: 2013 
Call No: OD 936 
The Effects of "Bias Based Bullying" (BBB) on Health, Education, and Cognitive-Social-Emotional Outcomes in Children with Minority Backgrounds: Proposed Comprehensive Public Health Intervention Solutions 
Series: Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 2018. Volume 20. Number 2. Pages 492-496. 
Call No: OD 1301