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'Eye of the Needle' Trainers Kit 
Series: Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), Carramar, NSW, n.d.|Training manual is accompanied by a video entitled 'Eye of the Needle' (catalogued separately) 
Call No: 10182 
Interpreters' Experience of Working in a Triadic Psychotherapy Relationship with Survivors of Torture and Trauma: Some Thoughts on the Impact on Psychotherapy 
Series: In: Diversity and Mental Health in Challenging Times 2001, Beverly, Raphael, Malak, Adb-Elmasih (eds.), Transcultural Mental Health Centre, Parramatta NSW , p. 222 (Record no. 10804) 
Call No: 11564 
Retraumatisation of Asylum Seekers 
Series: Bibliography|Chapter found in "Migration and Mental Health: Responsibilities and Opportunities" edited by I. H. Minas and C. L. Hayes, Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit, Melbourne, 1991, pp. 23-37 (No. 2774) 
Call No: 9311 
The Experience of Asylum 
Series: Paper delivered at the Welcome Stranger National Forum on Refugees, convened by The Australian Catholic Bishop's Committee for Migrant Affairs and Australian Council of Churches Refugee and Migrant Services, Sydney, 19-21 June, 1992 
Call No: 10869 
The Two-Practitioner Model: Bicultural Workers in a Service for Torture and Trauma Survivors 
Series: From "Hope after Horror: Helping Survivors of Torture and Trauma" (1990) 
Call No: 441