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HACC Access and Advocacy Project on the Spanish-Speaking Elderly: August 1987-March 1990 
Series: CELAS, Melbourne, February 1990|Compilation of 3 reports - Extension-of-grant phase, second phase and initial phase 
Call No: 1042 
HACC Project on the Spanish-Speaking Elderly: Extension-of- Grant Phase 
Series: CELAS, Melbourne, February 1990 
Call No: 9074 
HACC Project Within the Spanish Speaking Elderly Community: Report to Community Services Victoria 
Series: [CELAS], [Melbourne], July 1988|Funded by the Department of Community Services|Grant to the Spanish Latin American Welfare Centre 
Call No: 9075 
HACC Status Report for Victorian Local Government: Full Report, June 2000 
Series: Municipal Association of Victoria; Melbourne, 2000 
Call No: 10205 
Haematological and Clinical Aspects of Sickle Cell Disease in Britain 
Series: Chapter found in "Ethnic Factors in Health and Disease" edited by J. Crickshank and D. G. Beevers, Butterworth Heinemann, Jordan Hill, Oxford, 1989 
Call No: 4651 
Haiti: A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture 
Series: Facts and figures|Interlink Books, New York, 2002 
Call No: 11054 
Halal Meals Project 
Call No: 12080 
Half Full or Half Empty? The Impact of Health Reforms on Palliative Care Services in the UK 
Series: Chapter from 'New Themes in Palliative Care', eds D.Clark, J. Hockley & S. Ahmedzai, Open University Press, Buckingham, U.K., 1997 
Call No: 6412 
Half-Way There: Anthropology and Intervention-Orientated AIDS Research in KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa 
Series: Chapter found in "Culture and Sexual Risk: Anthropological Perspectives on AIDS" edited by Han ten Brummelhuis & Gilbert Herdt, Gordon and Breach Publishers, Amsterdam, 1995|Good bibliography 
Call No: 7333 
Handbook for Academic Authors 
Series: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1990 
Call No: 3382