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:An Agenda for Change 
Series: Health Department Victoria, 1991|Includes: Structure of HDV & its Regions, Statistics on NESB usage per region, NESB per LGA, Estimate of HDV Services in 1990/91|Report of the Ministerial Taskforce on Ethnic Health (1991) 
Call No: 206 
'A New Beginning': A Research Report on the Housing and Information Needs of the Emerging and Newly Arrived Communities to the LGA of Whittlesea 
Series: Whittlesea Emerging Communities Development Project, Whittlesea, 1999 
Call No: 10146 
'An Opportunity to Change the Culture': Multiculturalism, Immigration and Australian History in the Argument about Political Correctness 
Series: Centre for Workplace Communication and Culture, Haymarket, NSW, 1997|Occasional Paper no. 18 
Call No: 6025 
'Can't Wait, Gonna Do It Ourselves' 
Series: Connexions, April/May 2000, pp. 24-25 
Call No: 10014 
'Chasing Money' and 'Damaged Health': Korean Men in Australia, Part 1, 'Amnesty Migrants' 
Series: Australian Journal of Primary Health, vol. 7, no. 1, 2001, pp. 39-45 
Call No: 10507 
'Days, Weeks, Years- Carers Across the Spectrum.' 
Series: Day seminar proceedings, St Vincent's Hospital, Fitzroy, October 22nd 1999. Published by The School of Postgraduate Nursing, the University of Melbourne and the Carer Training Centre, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, 1999 
Call No: 9763 
'Eye of the Needle' Trainers Kit 
Series: Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), Carramar, NSW, n.d.|Training manual is accompanied by a video entitled 'Eye of the Needle' (catalogued separately) 
Call No: 10182 
'Health is Gold' Evaluation Report 1997 
Series: Health Promotion Unit, South Western Sydney Area Health Service, Sydney, June 1998 
Call No: 9775 
'Healthy Food for a Healthy Family': Report on a Nutrition Campaign for the Arabic Speaking Community of Central Sydney 
Series: Central Sydney Area Health Service, Sydney, March 1998 
Call No: 6675 
'Honoring Tradition, Accepting New Ways': Development of a Hepatitis B Control Intervention for Vietnamese Immigrants 
Series: Ethnicity and Health, Vol 9, No. 2, May 2004, pp. 153-169