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Kaleidoscopic Kultures: Exploring the Self-Identity of Young People in a Multicultural and Globalised Society 
Year: 2009 
Call No: OD 615 
Karen Refugee Camps in Northern Thailand: An Uncertain Future 
Series: CEDAH Newsletter, February 1998, pp. 3-5 
Call No: 5505 
Kashmir: Trapped in Conflict 
Series: National Geographic, vol. 196, no. 3, 1999, pp. 2-28 
Call No: 9209 
Kebabs, Kids, Cops and Crime: Youth, Ethnicity & Crime 
Series: Chapter 1: "Migrant crime link 'a lethal cocktail' "|Chapter 2: Middle Eastern appearances: 'Ethnic gangs' and media panic|Chapter 3: Crime and ethnicity in Australia: Myths and realities|Chapter 4: The context of 'ethnic crime' in Sydney: 
Call No: 11165 
Keeping Hope Alive: Reflecting Upon Learning to Teach in Cross-Cultural Contexts 
Series: Reflective Practice, vol. 9, no. 3, August 2008, pp. 245-256 
Call No: 12849 
Keeping it in The Family: The Health and Social Experiences of Carers in Australian Greek Families 
Series: Department of Immigration & Multicultural Affairs, Canberra, 1997 
Call No: 6803 
Keeping Refugee Status: A Tibetan Perspective 
Series: Centre for Migration Studies, New York, 1987. 
Call No: 10876 
Keeping Their Hopes Alive: A Good Practice Guide to Case Management with Young People from Refugee Backgrounds 
Year: 2012 
Call No: OD 8565 
Keeping Up: Stories, Reflections and Recommendations of Young Refugees in Brisbane 
Call No: 12287 
Keeping Well: Mental Health Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention For All: Report on the Third Transcultural Mental Health Promotion Forum, held on the 20th September, 2001 
Year: 2003 
Call No: 11303