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V.M.I.A.C. Declaration of Rights by and on Behalf of all People with Psychiatric Disabilities 
Series: Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council, n.d. 
Call No: 2462 
V.O.C. Video Vision 
Series: RMIT, Melbourne, 1993 
Call No: 1403 
Series: Department of Nursing, Victoria University, Footscray, 1996 
Call No: 6802 
Validation of a Patient-Centered, Culturally Sensitive, Clinic Environment Inventory Using a National Sample of Adult Patients 
Series: Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 2014, vol. 25 (1), pp. 80-86 
Call No: 13448 
Validation of the Chinese Version of the Gambling Urges Scale (GUS-C) 
Series: International Gambling Studies, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 101-111, April 2007 
Call No: 13008 
Valuing Cultural Diversity 
Year: 2002 
Call No: 11262 
Valuing Diversity: Education for Effective Health Care 
Series: Accompanied by a training manual with same title (catalogued separately)|Produced for the Royal College of General Practitioners by the Department of Primary Health Care and the Audio Visual Centre, University of Newcastle upon Tyne|Univers 
Call No: 10147 
Valuing Diversity: New Tools for a New Reality 
Series: McGraw-Hill, New York, 1995 
Call No: 3397 
Vanishing Cultures 
Series: National Geographic, vol. 196, no. 2, August, 1999, pp. 63-89 
Call No: 9577 
Veiled Entrapment: A Study of Social Isolation of Older Chinese Migrants in Brisbane, Queensland 
Series: Ageing & Society 27, 2007, pp. 719-738 
Call No: 13063