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Working with Interpreters for Quality Patient Care: A Guide 
Series: Central Sydney Area Health Service, February 1999 
Call No: 8920 
Working with Interpreters for Quality Patient Care: A Guide to Working with Interpreters in Health Care 
Year: 2005 
Series: The link to this resource is no longer available. Please access the resource via the CEH library. 
Call No: OD 165 
"Are we...Providing Them With an Equal Service?": Speech-language Pathologists' Perceptions of Bilingual Aphasia Assessment of Samoan-English Speakers 
Series: Clinical Archives of Communication Disorders. 2019. Volume 4. Number 1. Pages 41-51. 
Call No: OD 1373 
"Can We Just Check It?": Guidelines for Checking of Health/Medical Translations; Back-translation and Other Checking Options for Print & Other Media 
Call No: OD 460 
"In My Culture, We Don't Know Anything About That": Sexual and Reproductive Health of Migrant and Refugee Women 
Series: International Journal of Behavioural Medicine. Published online: 15 June 2017. 
Call No: 13768 
"We'll Just Pop You On Your Back Sweetheart" The Cultural Context of Childbirth 
Series: Chapter from 'Cross Cultural Issues for Health Professionals in Australia', edited by R. Saunders, Multicultural Centre, University of Sydney, 1990 
Call No: 100 
"Women Must Endure According to Their Karma": Cambodian Immigrant Women Tallk About Domestic Violence 
Series: Journal of Interpersonal Violence, vol. 20, no. 8, August 2005, pp. 902-921 
Call No: 12606 
A Model for the Access and Engagement of Young People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds 
Series: Synergy, Australian Transcultural Mental Health Network, Winter 2001, pp. 15-18 
Call No: 10707 
Asthma and Respiratory Symptoms in 6-7 Year Old Italian Children: Gender, Latitude, Urbanization and Socioeconomic Factors 
Series: European Respiratory Journal, vol. 10, 1997, pp. 1780-1786|Good bibliography 
Call No: 9551 
Attitudes and Barriers to Mammographic Screening amongst Arabic-Speaking Women in the Sydney Metropolitan Area 
Series: BreastScreen NSW, Sydney, 1996 
Call No: 4352